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We take time to learn about you

An initial visit includes a thorough discussion of health history and current concerns. Patients are asked to bring in blood work and imaging that relate to wellness goals. In Chinese Medicine all body systems are taken into account and inter-related. Just as no two patients are the same, treatments are tailored to you.

medicine for uniquely you


Initial treatments are approximately 90 minutes, follow-up treatments are 60 minutes. After a health conversation, an acupuncture treatment is given, followed by constructive rest for 20-40 minutes. Sterile single-use disposable hair-thin needles are used, and the locations of points are swabbed with alcohol prior to insertion. Most patients feel relaxed once the points are in, some even fall asleep. Other techniques such as cupping, tuina, and moxabustion may be used. Treatments may vary each session according to the patient's needs and symptoms. Chinese herbal and nutritional therapy may also be recommended.


You leave with a structure for success

A plan of care is given at the initial appointment. The majority of health concerns can be resolved in a handful of treatments; other goals may take longer to achieve. Most of our patients see Cailey weekly to begin, and others come in for monthly or seasonal wellness "tune ups."

Image by Jason Ng


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